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1494 W US HWY 36
Bainbridge, IN 46105

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Please mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope, at least 8x10 in size, to:

Truk Wurks LLC
Hero Card Request
1494 W US HWY 36
Bainbridge, IN 46105


We are currently not hiring for either our race team or off-road shop.  Those interested in volunteering at events listed on our schedule are encouraged to email us here with your requests.  Those wishing to submit a resume and/or portfolio may do so via U.S. Mail.  All applications will be kept on file for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q:  Is the Truk Wurks Off Road shop open for tours?

A: The Truk Wurks Off-Road shop features a showroom open to the public that includes a full-size Eliminator body, halved-monster truck tire, and lots of interesting monster truck literature, photos, memorabilia, etc.  Due to insurance and liability concerns, the shop portion of Truk Wurks is not open to the general public.   It is, however, open to customers wishing to check on their vehicles while work is being performed.  Special requests for tours may be emailed to Truk Wurks <here> for consideration.

Q:  Where can I see the Truk Wurks monster trucks in person?

A: Our race and display schedule is always changing.  Please check out the “Schedule” section of the site to see which of our trucks will be where.

Q:   What hours is the Off-Road shop open?

A: During our “off-season” or during times when the monster trucks are not on the road competing, shop hours are as follows:

10am to 6pm Monday – Friday
10am to 4pm Saturday
Sunday by appointment.

While our racing season is underway or as other events dictate, the Truk Wurks Off Road shop’s hours are subject to change without notice.  We recommend calling or emailing before stopping by just to be sure!

Q: What kinds of services does the Truk Wurks Off-Road shop offer?

A:  Please check out the “Off-Road Shop” section of the site for more info on our Off-Road shop.

Q: What do I have to do to become a monster truck driver?

A: Most drivers in the monster truck industry have a unique story of how they got to where they are today.   However, most will tell you that some of the key ingredients to becoming a monster truck driver include hard work, mechanical know-how, a willingness to travel extensively, and a good bit of luck.  We recommend contacting teams that will be appearing at shows near you and offering to help out as a volunteer.  If you want to climb the ladder, you have to start at the bottom (or have a lot of money!).  Best of luck!